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As DAOU’s creative partner, we are responsible for the stunning brand created for DAOU Vineyards. We updated DAOU’s core identity, bringing to life the history and values of the brand, including each of the bottles themselves.

Their ambition of putting Paso Robles is matched by the artistry of the winemaking and the business’s passion. Over the years we have built a strong partnership that allows us to share ideas, support where needed and help grow the business. We helped take DAOU from a valuation of $450mil to $1billion and we look forward to what more this brand brings.

Using OUTHINK™ to strategically review their verbal brand foundations, we ensured that DAOU told the perfect story of who they are and what they want to achieve. This formed the key pillars of the visual brand and was developed in line with the existing luxury and history the brand portrayed.

The visual brand pulls on the core palette established within DAOU of their iconic red which was made richer and more luxurious, complimented by a mix of typefaces allowing DAOU to remain traditional in some ways but pushing modern elements.

Every single bottle of DAOU, no matter the price point, is elevated beyond an average wine. This luxury approach to everything is what sets them apart and it makes our jobs as a group of creatives a lot of fun to work with. We have been able to work across their entire drinks portfolio from their high-end bottles such as Soul of A Lion through to those that are more mainstream and sold in retail stores across the USA.
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Crafting their brand compass, tone of voice, individuals campaigns, art direction, photography styling, brand building workshops, merchandise, events, packaging, signage and even 3D product work and motion. We pretty much touched it all!

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