Nanotech Energy was on a mission to bring their graphene-based energy storage products from the research lab to the mass market but their brand was letting them down. Without a defined purpose or tone and voice, and with an outdated visual identity they needed help setting them up for investment success.

Through our extensive research we uncovered that Nanotech had an identity problem - without a hierarchy or master brand focus, what they did and what they wanted to be known for was all over the place leading to a confusing, diluted brand.

Through our OUTHINK™ brand strategy process we created brand foundations for Nanotech that allowed them to really hone in on what they are good at and communicate that to the world, culminating in a much loved new tagline “Transforming the world with next gen super materials”.

Once the verbal brand was set our creative team used that as a basis for the visual identity: a modern, contemporary, monochrome brand for a tech-forward industry leader. By simplifying our approach to showcasing the technology, the brand becomes more accessible and digestible in a complex and information-driven product.

Since then our work together has been an ongoing partnership with an ever-expanding brand toolkit and products being developed in tandem with Nanotech’s internal team.

From creating the website and digital assets, to designing exhibition stands and stationery, we’ve been honoured to be the brand guardians for the company to make sure their brand always wins.
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With a material-first product focus this sleek, confident approach with a set of stunning 3D visuals gave Nanotech the perfect platform to launch into a competitive marketplace.

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